Alternative Options

Climate-positive Olympics advocacy

Local architecture firm m3architecture completed a self-funded piece of urban design research (2022) is a test case that rigorously applies a set of sustainable design principles to an existing, high-profile Olympic proposal to demonstrate what a ‘climate-positive Games’ looks like. 

The IOC itself has recommended using Carrara Stadium for the athletics. The Gabba would then only need a, in the words of the Australian Olympic Committee CEO, 'a coat of paint' to host ceremonies

This would be a great opportunity to update the stadium and utilise a purpose built facility for the Athletics. It even has a warm up track right beside it!

For the money being spent on the Gabba, a redeveloped QE II could also include improved public transport connections for the suburb!

Why not build a new stadium here? There are fewer site constraints, and it is is in closer proxmity to the Athlete's village at Hamilton.

Here's what the State Government is planning to do instead - Breakfast Creek Sports Precinct, Albion, Concept Plan.

Next year's opening ceremony at the Paris 2024 Olympics will be like no other. Using the River Seine provides a huge amount of engagement with the public that a stadium opening ceremony just won't match. 

Just imagine if a similar approach was taken for Brisbane. The River City would shine.