Right to Information (RTI)

Understanding Right to Information

Right to Information (RTI) is more than just a term; it's a powerful tool for the public. Governed by the Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld), the RTI act is designed to give citizens access to information held by the government. It's an embodiment of the belief that people have the right to know about decisions affecting them, how those decisions are made, and the implications arising from them.

What's on this Page?

By republishing these requests and their outcomes, we aim to simplify and amplify the transparency efforts initiated by the state government. For those new to the concept, this hub provides an insightful glimpse into the workings of government departments and the kinds of information they hold. For the well-acquainted, it's a comprehensive resource for staying updated on the latest disclosures.

Summary of RTI requests to date

RTI disclosure logs


Department of Education, Disclosure Log 2023 - https://alt-qed.qed.qld.gov.au/about-us/rti/disclosure-log/disclosure-log-2023

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